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Republic of Kazakhstan, 050000, Almaty city
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03.08.07 CODE OF ACCESS.

In numbers of codes of all cities and the regional centers of Kazakhstan the first figure, namely "3" on "7" will change only, and two subsequent figures will remain constant.

" Kazakhtelecom " plans to carry out a number of consecutive actions on clearing of 3-rd hundred group AVS and to transition to 7-th hundred group of codes according to the plan of numbering in a network of telecommunications of republic. Now in 7-th zone of the world numbering there are two countries - Kazakhstan and Russia. 23 codes АВС are involved in Russia "3ХХ". 18 codes АВС are involved In Kazakhstan for a designation of geographically defined zones of numbering "3ХХ" is 14 intertown trunk-line codes АВС of the regional centers of Kazakhstan, two codes - the cities of Astana and Almaty with the adjoining areas, two codes - the cities of Zhezkazgan and Semei. For example, intertown trunk-line code of city Almaty - 327, and Astana - 3172.

According to the agreement between Agency of Republic Kazakhstan on information and communication and the Ministry of information technologies and communications of the Russian Federation, beyond Kazakhstan are fixed the codes beginning on figures " 7 " and "6", and beyond Russia - on "3", "4", "5" and "9". Replacement "3" on "7" in intertown trunk-line codes of Kazakhstan will lead to simplification of routing from other world zones of numbering and to ordering of use of resources of numbering in republic. Besides the resource of numbering fixed for exclusive use by Kazakhstan, - up to 200 codes increases. So, the order of a set of a code of city of Astana will be the following - 7172, city Almaty - 727.

In numbers of codes of all cities and the regional centers of Kazakhstan the first figure, namely "3" on "7" will change only, and two subsequent figures will remain constant. Inside of geographical zones at connection from one area in other order of a set also it will be changed. For example, for dialing from Kaskelen to Kapshagai now the subscriber types "8-2-72-ХХХХХ". After switching he should type "8-727-72-ХХХХХ". Also, for example, for dialing from Almaty to Kaskelen at present subscribers type "8-2-71-ХХХХХ". After switching on the new plan of a set it is necessary to type "8-727-71-ХХХХХ."

By Joint-stock company " Kazakhtelecom " corresponding inquiries to firms-suppliers of the equipment are already made and recommendations on procedures of preparation and translation of networks into new codes are received. With the purpose of prevention of loss of the traffic wide campaign under the notification of the population and operators of local, intertown, international and cellular networks is provided. Accommodation of the information in the service centers, branches of communication, on receipts on payment of services, dispatch of information leaflets on mail boxes of subscribers, the organization of special answerphones in Call Centre - all this will help operative and mass informing of the population on change of codes.

Communiques will be placed in mass media with the instruction of date of input, maintenance of old "3ВС" and new "7ВС" code of a zone of numbering, date of a ceasing of old codes, and also changes of the order of a numbering of intrazone connections "8-2-ав-ХХХХХ" on "8-АВС-ав-ХХХХХ."

Should be noted, that after input of new intertown codes within two months the old regime of a set will operate also. As a whole Kazakhstan and Russia in a summary zone of numbering own in common 1/9 part of a world resource.

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